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Our theme support is based on Envato item support policy . When you buy our theme you receive 6 months support on all items along with the feature of free theme’s updates for lifetime. So, what’s going to happen if your 6 months support reaches its limit? Feel free as we’ve provided you the option of extending theme support for a very little fee.

You have the access to our guided tour, documentation and also, you can able to make the comments or emails about the issues (if any) even if you don’t choose to extend the support. For further analysis of item support, visit item support policy.

Item Support Policy of Envato

This item support policy covers the phases regarding extension and renewal of theme support. Last year on September Ist, Envato proclaimed the updates in terms and conditions for item support policy.

Envato has made paid item support policy for Themeforest and Codecanyon. This policy allows you to extend and renew the item support after the expiration of item support or even before, at a particular fee. For more details, read this detailed article What is Item Support? on Envato’s Help Center.

For getting privileges of renewing and extending our support you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your ThemeForest account
  2. Open “downloads” tab and find your purchase i.e. Aerious
  3. You’ll see the remaining support alongside hyperlink text “Extend Now” which after clicking will take you to the item page of our theme
  4. Click the button “Extend Now and Save” on the right side to visit the checkout page
  5. Follow the given instructions on page for finalizing the extension of theme support

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