WP Bakery Visual Composer Plugin Activation

Whenever you buy Aerious, you get a unique purchase code with which you can obtain Aerious theme support, auto updates and many more things.

You can only use this purchase code with Aerious, not for activating the 3rd party premium plugins bundled with the Aerious theme such as Slider Revolution and Visual Composer.

However, the latest version of these plugins come bundled with Aerious. You can use them for your website. Yes, you will see the messages asking you to activate or buy the license key for these plugins. Still, you can ignore these messages and enjoy the free benefits of these plugins.

Can Aerious Purchase Code Activates Visual Composer?

No, the purchase code of Aerious theme can’t assist you in activating the Visual Composer. It is the policy of Envato that sellers are not allowed to provide the license key or activation key for 3rd party premium plugins with the theme. The premium plugins bundled with Aerious are copies which you can use for general purposes but for availing premium benefits you are required to buy the license key separately.

How To Get Purchase Code OR Activation Key For Visual Composer?

To activate the copy of Visual Composer for getting premium benefits, you have to purchase the license key from CodeCanyan. After buying, you receive a unique product activation key. This key activates your Visual Composer plugin for premium use. Not just activation, you also get the future updates and item support. Item support covers:

  • Author availability to answer queries
  • Assistance with reported issues and bugs
  • Help with included 3rd party assets

It’s onto you to buy a regular license ($34) or extended license ($170). Both have various premium benefits. Click “Buy Now” button to get future updates, activation key, and plugin support.

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