Importing the Demos’ Theme Options

In order to upload the theme options of the particular demo of the Aerious along with the same settings as well. Simply use the approach of redux framework’s Import/Export options. See the image below: Go to the “Theme Options > Import/Export” Click “Import From File”, if you’ve the file that […]

Importing the Demos’ Sliders

If you want to import the premade sliders by Aerious, you must have Revolution Slider installed on your WordPress. You can download the latest version for free of cost by clicking here. Simply use the slider revolution import method for importing the slider. If you’re unaware of that method then […]

Importing the Demo Content

When you purchase Aerious, you will not see similar content up-front on your WordPress that you’ve seen at its live preview. Although, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get demo content in either case. Primarily, you are compelled to import our demo content first. The demo content consolidates all the […]


We’ve discussed these shortcodes in the VC Aerious Elements section. With this option, now you can control the shortcode elements styling globally via Aerious Theme Options Panel. Current shortcode elements are the following and we will be adding more in a near future so stay tune with us: These all shortcodes […]

Social Links

This section of theme options globally deals with the social links used throughout the site. You’re required to enter your social media accounts public links for redirecting it to your social media official pages. Following options are: Open Links in New Window — This option allows to open links either […]

Download failed: cURL error 6: Resolving host timed out

This type of error is common amid the theme installation. WordPress asks you to install the plugins that are required or recommended for the theme. One major reason for this type of error is when servers are unable to communicate with each other due to various internal issues or hosts do […]

Aerious Pre Made Slider Templates

Revolution Slider has brought a great revolution in WordPress as far as animations are concerned. Not just animation but also one can also able to build a whole website based on it. Aerious theme realises the significance of revolution slider in any WordPress site. Therefore, along with the theme Aerious […]

White Screen Error After Theme Installation

There is a common problem occurs after installation and activation of any WordPress theme i.e. white screen, usually termed as “white screen of death”. Since WordPress does not display the reason behind this problem, therefore, you need to put some effort into finding its solution. If you ever face this […]

VC Aerious Elements

Other than the inbuilt elements of the Visual Composer, Aerious also played its part by creating custom built elements. They’re intended to save the time of users in creating a website in addition to enhancing the physical look of the website. Following 46 custom built Aerious elements are:   Custom […]

Visual Composer Pre-Built Content Elements & Templates

Templates If you don’t want the headache of creating the website or web pages from the scratch, then you’re always welcome to use their pre-built templates. It will surely save plenty of your time. There are more than 50 pre-built templates in VC that cover several vital website sections. Content […]