White Screen Error After Theme Installation

There is a common problem occurs after installation and activation of any WordPress theme i.e. white screen, usually termed as “white screen of death”. Since WordPress does not display the reason behind this problem, therefore, you need to put some effort into finding its solution. If you ever face this kind of problem, remember what’ve you done just before this. There can be numerous reasons for this error but we have included the most popular ones in this section:

  1. Theme Related
  2. Plugins Related
  3. Others


The theme related reasons can also cause this problem such as incomplete theme installation i.e. fails to transfer all files, low PHP configuration limits or corrupted theme files.


  • If somehow you can able to access your WP admin panel then deactivate all the plugins from Plugins > Installed Plugins”. After this, switch to any default WordPress theme. If it resolves the problem, then we urge you to do a fresh re-installation of the theme after discarding the old one from “/wp-content/themes/”. This time, we recommend you to install it via FTP and see if the problem still comes or not
  • If you’re unable to access your WP admin panel then try repeating the same process from FTP program i.e. disabling the plugins, removing the old theme and installing the fresh one see if the error still comes or not
  • As far as low PHP configuration limits are concerned, it can also cause white screen error. Since the solution for this problem is very simple. Simply ask your web hosting service to increase your PHP configuration limits. See if it resolves this white screen error or not.


It’s very unlikely that a single WordPress plugin works well with every WordPress theme. Similar is the case for the themes. If you’ve faced this error after activating the theme, then reason lies in the compatibility of any plugin with the theme.


  • If you can access your WordPress dashboard but can’t access the front end, then Go to the “plugins > Installed Plugins” and deactivate all the plugins. After that recheck your website’s front end. If it resolves the problem then activate the plugins one by one
  • Check the front end every time you activate a plugin. If you don’t see the error before the last plugin activation, then this is due to the conflict of that plugin with the theme. Deactivate it and see if white screen error shows on your front end or not
  • If you experience this error on both ends, then access your site by FTP program and rename your plugin folder i.e. from i.e. from “/wp-content/plugins” to any other name that will let the WordPress neglect all your plugins. Check if it helps or not, if yes, then login to your WP admin panel and activate all the plugins again

3. Others

Apart from these reasons, there are few simple reasons by which you see the white screen error on your WordPress:

  • Remove Blank line in wp-config.php file
  • Remove Blank Space in functions.php file
  • Deactivate Multiple Plugins Responsible for White Screen Error
  • Set Up the File Permissions Correctly

All in one, to prevent this issue, make sure you check the error logs regularly. The PHP function causing this problem can be easily showed by server logs. Running a PHP validator will detect plenty of minor blunders.

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