Setting Up bbPress Plugin

For making your site active and crowded with visitors, an inclusion of the forums is a good idea. We’ve included the forum functionality in our theme via bbPress plugin.

It will use theme’s styling where possible. bbPress plugin is fully compatible with the Aerious and more importantly, it’s free. Following steps are required to set up bbPress plugin in Aerious:


  • First off, install the plugin from here  
  • After installing you can set up a test forum and can also able to import a pre-made forum
  • Then create a WordPress page on account of displaying forum
  • If you want to customise it further you can do as the settings are very easy
  • You can either hide the forum or can make them public. All onto you to choose
  • Then decide on user logins/registration i.e. either manual or automatic
  • If you choose manual route then you can add users manually and vice versa
  • You’ve to ensure that bbPress uses the page template we required
  • You can additionally add the sidebars on the forum pages if you want. Aerious has created different sidebars to be used throughout the website

For further information about the installation, visit this guide for bbPress installation.

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