Importing the Demos’ Widgets

For importing the theme demo widgets as well, you need to proceed with the manual approach. There’s very easy way of importing the widgets. Just follow these steps:

  1. Install the “Widget Importer & Exporter” plugin from this link on your WordPress4-demo_import_widget
  2. Then simply upload the .wie file of the widgets of the demo you want to upload
  3. If you want the widgets of Aerious Full demo to import then click “Choose File”and select widgets-full.wie from the theme folder i.e. Aerious > Demo > Full > widgets.wie5-1-demo_import_widget
  4. After that, Click on “Import Widgets” button. In a few minutes, Aerious Full demo widgets will be imported and you’ll see a screen like this:6-1-demo_import_widget
  5. For existed widgets, you’ll see the message “Widget already exists”
  6. With this, you, Aerious demo widgets import process completes

For minimizing your effort, you can download all these necessary files directly by CLICKING HERE on account of importing the demos’ widgets. Then upload the relative files in accordance with the requirements.

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