WPML & Translation Fundamentals

If you’re a beginner as far as translating the WordPress core is concerned, then we’re here to guide you regarding this. Generally, l10n and i18n i.e. localization and internalization that are adopted to define the attempt to make the platform available in the languages other than English for non-English speaker throughout the world.

First off, you need to define a language in wp-config.php file in order to translate the WordPress core, plugins or the theme into that language. Here’s the step by step guidelines for adding the desired language in wp-config.php file:

  • Firstly, login to your FTP and start editing the wp-config.php file.
  • Kindly look for WPLANG constant in that file which seems like this:

define(‘WPLANG’, ”);

  • You can add it anywhere in a new line if the constant isn’t available.
  • Then define it with your desired language via ISO language code. You can find the language codes from here
  • Let say if you are translating WordPress core to the Italian language then change the WPLANG constant to look like this code:

define(‘WPLANG’, ‘it_IT’);

  • After the file is edited, login to WP admin panel and go to the “Settings” tab
  • Open “General Settings page from there to ensure the “Site Language field is set to your desired language

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