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Social sharing is a very vital aspect of any theme, website, blog post and portfolio post. You can boost the amount of site audience by this. Aerious has put the ball into the court of the users i.e its up to them to do whatever they want with the social sharing option:


  • Social Media Drag & Drop or Move media buttons between Display, ClickDisplay and Disable sections. Display: Selected media buttons will be shown on Front. ClickDisplay: Selected media buttons will be shown upon clicking share icon. Disable: Selected media buttons will not be displayed
  • Open links in a New Window This option allows the user either to open social links in a new window or not
  • Design This option allows you to deal with the design of social sharing i.e. Default and Custom. On choosing Custom, you will get further options of Color, Background Color, Border Color – Left & Right and Border Color – Top or Bottom. Set the settings in accordance with your own creativity

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