Some multifarious options are guided in this section. They are indeed self-explanatory. Let’s have a look:


  • Site Loader Use this option to set the settings of site loader. You have the sub-options of Enable, Predefined, Custom, Disable. Enable will use default loader.  Custom will ask you upload your own loader file whereas Disable will simply disable the site loader
  • Predefined site loaders  This option will allow you to choose among the graphically pre-defined loaders.
  • Back to Top Use this option to show or hide the back to top button
  • Comments on Pages Use this option to show or hide the comments on pages
  • Social Sharing on Pages Use this option to show or hide social sharing on pages
  • Open Graph Meta Tags Use this option to enable or disable the open graph meta tags which are mainly used when sharing pages on social networking sites like Facebook

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