Creating a New Page

Creating a new page on any WordPress theme is quite simple and easy job. To make your job easier, we came up with step by step instructions for creating a new page in Aerious:

  • Login to your WP admin panel
  • Click on Pagesfrom admin sidebar
  • Click on Add New, it will open a new section involving new page settings and attributescreatingnewpage1
  • Choose the name for the new page in Add New Pagetextbox and then set the page attributes from the right sidebar. Additionally, you can set the featured image from here as well.
  • Set Parentto “no parent from drop-down list for nowcreatingnewpage2
  • Page content operates in the editing area involving “Text” and “Visual” tabs. You can either built the content of the page using demo content or shortcodes
  • Select Publishwhen you’re done and your new page will be published on your website
  • If you want to have a demo look of your page before getting published then click on Previewbutton


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